Book Review:Out of My Mind

At home,I have been reading an amazing book called Out Of My Mind.I will be reviewing this book and giving you what I rate it out of ten.

Meet Melody,she is quadriplegic with a condition called Cerebal Palsy. You may think that she isn’t that intelligent,but have you ever heard of the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover?’ Well if you have you will understand how Melody is,she is smart and knows her surroundings very well and she is extremely intelligent.All she wants is to be able to walk,talk be invited to play with someone in the playground and be like every other kid.When one day,she gets a voice but not her friends or surroundings are ready to hear it.

CAUTION:Once you read this book,you will never stop reading it!! (Yes,this book is very good.)

In my opinion,this book is OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING! Without hesitation,I recommend this book a mind-blowing 10/10.

Happy reading!


This is a fascinating country full of history. It has been conquered many times and has been ravaged by war in recent years. Many buildings have bullet holes or are in ruins. It is beautiful and the food is Burek is a meat filled pastry.






Split Croatia

Split in Croatia is a holiday resort by the Adriatic Sea. From here, you can visit many islands like Hvar and Brac. The beaches here are pebbles not sand and it hurts your feet to walk on it. People buy mats to sunbake on. It is a beautiful place with an ancient palace where people live and work and eat.





100wc letter from Gabe

Dear Mr Abbott
I believe that your ways need to change. I strongly believe that all children from all countries with a disability or not should go to school. There are 57 million children who have never gone to school and 1/3 have a disability. Children with disabilities have no way to get to or from school. Luckily there is an organisation to change this called send all my friends to school. I believe you should provide all countries with buses to take children to school. With your help we can make a change for these unfortunate children.