Ten people I’d like to meet

  1. Andrew Gaze – How did you feel about carrying the flag at the Olympics?
  2. Steve Jobs – Did you start having lots of ideas when you were a child?








3. Mahatma Ghandi – Do you feel you made a real change in your country?

4. Fred Hollows – Was it rewarding to give sight to people who couldn’t afford it?

5. Martin Luther King – Did you realise how much your words would be quoted for decades after?


 Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King jr. (ca. 1955)







6. Rosa Parks – Do you feel that you are a brave woman?

7. Mick Jagger – What do you feel is your greatest achievement?









8.Vincent Lingiari – How did you feel when the Prime Minister picked up the dirt of your land?


9. Cate Blanchette – Were you always interested in acting?









10. Adora Svitak – Do you feel you have made a difference with your talks?



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